“...Life is a Cabaret, old chum, Only a Cabaret, old chum, and I love a Cabaret!”


These words from “Cabaret” sum up my feelings after attending the Cabaret entitled “It Takes Two” put on by the Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington at the Atlas Performing Arts Center.  Duo after duo took to the stage, singing those duets that make you smile, cry, and think.  


The theme of the night was said in an opening monologue by the first performer.  I’m not positive if it was said off the cuff or if it was scripted, but it set the tone for the night, and the audience fell right in line. “Songs and music can be a powerful agent of social change…” and the GMCW did not shy away from many of these issues ranging from race and interracial dating in the gay community, to coping with grief and friendship.  


There were duets that I’d never heard done by two males that made me feel right at home (as a thespian myself).  The first was “Happy Day’s are Here Again” as performed by Judy Garland and Barbra Streisand, with the performers appearing to switch between the parts effortlessly.  Second, was the duet I’ve always wanted to do with my best friend “Bosom Buddies” from the musical MAME as sang by Angela Lansbury and Bea Arthur (or for some who only know the film version, replace Angela Lansbury with Lucille Ball...boo...don’t get me wrong I still LOVE Lucy...but as Lucy not as Auntie Mame...although she did a respectable job in the film...but she was no Angela Lansbury...but this is a different discussion for a different day).  The lyrics to this song were given a 21st Century update, and the audience ate it up!


A song I didn’t expect to hear, as a Jazz artist, was the duet of “Body and Soul” that I believe captured the dexterity and range of both performers.  The audience and cast seemed to hang on every word these two sang, and once ended, a boisterous applause was gifted them.  

It was a fun night had by all, and I can’t wait for the next cabaret!  


Please listen the interview with Thea Kana, Artistic Director, as she tells you about how this cabaret came to be along with some upcoming events to look forward to, including the The Holiday Show December 9th, 16th & 17th!  Visit www.gmcw.org for more information and future events.

Angela Lansbury and Bea Arthur doing the classic duet from Mame

Interview with Thea Kana, GMCW Artistic Director